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Evidence Based Skincare

We strongly promote evidence based skincare. What do we mean by this? There are so many brands and marketed ideas in the skincare industry, it is very difficult even for some professionals to understand what works and what does not. The evidence we look for at Lumaesthetic is from published data in respectable scientific journals. The type that doctors and surgeons look at when we try to answer complex issues or do research. We have explained in our collection of free articles what affects skin ageing and how we can slow the visible signs.

Going through countless products and research papers, we have distilled the key components to a reliable and easy to use regimen that visibly works in a matter of weeks to improve your skin. It aims to brighten complexion, even tone, depigment, reduce wrinkling, renew skin layers and protect from harmful UV rays.

As everyone's skin is different, the regimen will be customised to your specific skin type and needs. This will be discussed at your free and no-obligation consultation.

The Importance of Sun Protection

The sun is an amazing gift and we are supposed to enjoy its warmth and luminance. It is, however, a huge source of damaging energy to our skin cells. The piece written about aging and its prevention in the free articles section of this website details further the mechanisms that age our skin. The sun is one of the most potent reasons for premature skin aging, wrinkles and irregular pigment change. This is aside from the skin cancer risk associated with sun-burning and excessive exposure.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this step in any skincare regime. Having adequate sunscreen products and knowing the appropriate technique of applying it on your skin makes a considerable difference in slowing the signs of aging. We like using Heliocare - broad spectrum UVA/UVB cover with a unique anti-oxidant component. We also use the Sunsense range by Ego®.

Sunsense Ego

Will I Get Immediate Results?

Some of what we recommend are prescription-only products and are of medical strength. They can make your skin feel and look a little sensitive/reddened for a temporary period of time before it gets used to the treatment. We start at a low dose and build up your skin's tolerance. We always ask for some patience as in some cases it can take several weeks to start to settle down. During the initial month, your skin will already be starting to look different. We will meet up at certain checkpoints along your treatment journey to make sure you are doing well.

The multitude of marketing techniques employed by many popular high-street brands seem to suggest that once you start using a product, effects are soon to be seen. In reality, a significant visible change in skin appearance and quality is a much slower process, taking at least 2-3 months. The regeneration of newer skin cells and their migration from the depths of the skin to the visible surface takes time. Products that seem like a quick-fix may represent questionable marketing or a temporary solution.

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