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The Lumaesthetic Facial

We specialise in facial rejuvenation treatments in our central london aesthetic clinic. These include injectables, facials, peels and other treatments that target different areas of the face. In our series of free articles, we talked about the evidence based medical anti-aging treatments to slow or reverse deficient skin elasticity, solar elastosis and photodamage.

We believe that producing a good aesthetic outcome means combining different approaches as there are many nuances to any individual's complexion and skin. For example, our wrinkle injections target the facial lines but complexion may need to be improved via other means, including lifestyle changes and skin peels or gentle facials.

Although skin peels are able to produce good results, some with sensitive skin or those unable to accept any downtime would have to improve complexion with another option. Our unique facial will exfoliate the skin and is suitable for those with somewhat sensitive skin, without any downtime.

How is the Lumaesthetic Facial different?

The first step is removing existing make-up and cleansing with an exfoliating acid. We then use a polymer exfoliator from Japan which lifts deep-seated pore oils and help polish away more excess dead skin cells. Its effectiveness can be seen immediately on your skin, with clumping of exfoliated skin and excess oils.

We then replenish the skin oils and prep it ready for several unique antioxidant serums and a leave-on exfoliator, proven to help skin radiance and smoothness. This is followed by a wonderful 12-hour rejuvenating mask that soothes, evens tone, softens and hydrates the skin. There is no residue, so you can walk straight back into your life knowing that the facial will carry on working even after we finish. We finally close with a layer of sunscreen, specially formulated to maximise protection against UV rays. A course of facials and a clinically prescribed skincare regimen is recommended for best longterm outcomes. These are the basic constituents of the facial in broad brush strokes, but usually it is customised to your skin type and specific needs.

How long does the Lumaesthetic Facial take?

It takes no more than 20 minutes. As lunchtime facials go, it truly fits into a lunch half-hour! The price is £75 for facial treatment and £100 for face and neck.

Prices are significantly lower if incorporated into a skin health and rejuvenation treatment plan that includes at least one other treatment or prescription. This can be discussed on the day of your free consultation.