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We Know Your Skin

As a Plastic Surgeon led aesthetic clinic, we have had the relevant training to be able to advise on a wide range of skin issues at a professional level. We also have a dermatologist on our team.
Everyone ages, but the physical signs can vary greatly between individuals. Aside from genetics, there are a multitude of other factors that accelerate the visible signs of ageing.

Free Professional Skin Advice

On these pages, we provide a continually growing series of topics that are pertinent to skin health and care. Understanding your skin, how it functions and how therapies work is important to allow you to filter the evidence-based pearls of sense from the noise that is generated by marketing machines of the cosmeceuticals industry.
This material will always remain free - we believe that everyone should have right of access to good quality, evidence-based information.


Needle & The Knife
With so many options for facial rejuvenation, how do surgeons choose the right procedure for our patients?

What Ages Skin?
We look at the main environmental influences that have been shown to significantly affect the way and rate our skin ages.

An Ideal Skin Regimen

1. Cleansing
Understand your cleansers and what works well for different skin types


An Ideal Skin Regimen

2. Moisturising
Understand your moisturisers and what is most appropriate for your skin

An Ideal Skin Regimen

3. Sun Protection
Understand why sun protection is one of the most important aspects of skincare

An Ideal Skin Regimen

4. Anti-Aging
Scientifically proven anti-aging products


Are Celebrities Naturally Beautiful?

How celebrities have shaped the cosmetic treatments market and how we can achieve similar naturally youthful looks.