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Looking Good & Staying Young

Facial cosmetic procedures are now more common than ever before. It is likely you will know someone who has had some facial injections, whether they admit it or not! Most members in the American Assoc. of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (AAFPRS) feel that the most important trend in today's practice involves non-surgical procedures. Cosmetic and skin conscious patients are valuing a more youthful appearance with less downtime, cost and complications. For many professionals, and indeed celebrities, time is more important than money.

Celebrities Leading the Way

Celebrities are famed to undergo plastic surgery (or at least non-surgical treatments), but few are willing to admit to it. Many before and after shots of A-listers are on the internet showing obvious changes to their facial features out of keeping with normal ageing. Most, if not all personalities, will have had professional advice on special skincare products or regimes that are not readily available to the public. Wrinkle injections and other non-surgical procedures have little downtime, provide gradual change and often natural results. It is no wonder that there are so many flourishing aesthetic clinics near Hollywood!


Prominent plastic surgeons have noted that most celebrities are now looking for a more natural look. One that freezes or turns back the clock and does not look overly 'altered'. There is also a recent massive uptrend of non-surgical procedures amongst the celebrities. Many Hollywood stars are clearly having injections and fillers. One of the most altered feature is the nose. More celebrities are also starting to publicly admit to having had some procedure, such as the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner and Iggy Azalea, to name but a recent few. The other top driver for much of cosmetic procedures is social media - from looking your best in selfies to the influence of celebrities' photo feeds.



An astonishing 99% of AAFPRS surgeons feel that celebrities have led the way in changing perceptions of non-surgical procedures. In typical Hollywood fashion, they can readily visit aesthetic clinics - something the general public does not do. There are numerous affordable and safe additions to your facial care routine that would significantly improve your skin health and turn back aging signs. These are rarely published in popular magazines or are prescription only - the vast majority don't know they exist! If only you knew how aged skin could improve!

Looking Natural

Simple non-surgical procedures can have beautiful, natural outcomes. Some result in an immediate rejuvenation. Other treatments, like chemical peels and prescribed skincare regimens, have a more gradual improvement in skin appearance. This means that friends and colleagues won't suddenly notice a big change. Some of our clients prefer these more discrete tweaks or treatments.


Non-surgical rejuvenation also can hold off more complex surgery, delaying the risks and costs of such operations until it is clinically indicated later in life. There is a strong trend for early prevention of aging signs and minor tweaks, especially as these treatments are more affordable than one might assume. In all age groups (but particularly in the 30's and 40's), non-surgical procedures are rising. More than ever, potential clients must be aware of who they are receiving treatments from and whether they have had prolonged formal training in aesthetics.

Your turn to feel and look great!

There are options for slowing the clock and others for turning back the hands. An effective and directed facial rejuvenation plan that fits into your daily life is crucial for good results. How many times have you bought into a product or programme but felt it wasn't effective or just didn't work with your busy schedule? Your ideal skin programme should ideally be overseen by a trained doctor and individualised to your skin, life and wider activities.


Assessing for the best treatments would need a keen aesthetic eye and knowledge of both surgical and non-surgical options. We have another article just on this topic. We are a 100% doctor run clinic, led by a plastic surgery specialist. We will provide you with a balanced and realistic assessment of options based on your expectations.


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